Our team members have many years of experience in Residential Property Management.  We believe in always having an Exit Strategy, if you are Buying properties for longterm residual income, we want you to feel that you as the Owner/Investor can "Set it and Forget it!".  With full service Residential Property Management we feel we can help you manage your Rental properties with an ease of mind. 


With our team at Duval Homes Real Estate, as part of the Residential Property Management services, you will have someone to handle all tenant screening, property condition documentation(move in/move out lists), tenant emergency calls (24/7), repairs, and, when necessary, evictions as well as bookkeeping and end of year accounting means that all that is left for you to do is receive your money monthly. Our services are even tax deductible. 


Our tenant screening services are conducted in-house by our full-time leasing department. We require all potential tenants to provide a complete application and then follow up with a full employment, rental, credit and criminal background check. In doing so, this helps keep down the turnover rate and produces quality tenants. In addition to strict tenant screening, the best way to protect your property and your financial interests is with large security deposits. Our deposit structure guarantees your tenants will be ultra-qualified. This deposit structure serves to protect your property AND to make sure that you are covered in the event of an eviction situation.


We firmly believe in transparency.Our Leasing Manager and Maintenance Manager walk all properties prior to move-ins for Inspection, along with inspecting the home during and after Move outs. We also provide regular inspections that can be provided to the owner electronically. We have an online work order system that allows for efficient maintenance management that reduces the possibility of errors and reduces costs for owners.


We have an in-house marketing department. Do you have a unique property that requires a thorough marketing plan? Our company has a staff that provides an aggressive online and social media presence that allows us to market your property to many more prospective tenants.

- We market your property on the Multiple Listing Service and on all major websites.
- We market your property on Social Media sites weekly. 
- We market your property to local Housing Associations. 
- We provide Flyers for your property to be shared locally. 

ALL OF THIS FOR FREE. We don't make a penny until we start making you money.